Bettina Spankenhaus

Burlesque & Kabarett


“Bettina Spankenhaus fills a huge gap in the Burlesque market today, in that she creates hugely original, inventive acts that have great narratives! Why can’t there be more like her out there? A class act!”
Neil Kendall, photographer and promoter of Goldust Promotions
“…utterly charming, heart warming and a complete breath of fresh air to the world of burlesque. I was smiling from beginning to end”
Joe Black, king of cabaret Noir

'I'm so happy to add Bettina to my list of 'La Cheetah' favourites. I first saw her perform at Casa Bellini, and knew that Glasgow would love her! She's the perfect mix of beauty, elegance, wit, and charisma. Her routines are well thought-out, perfectly executed, and portray a style of burlesque that is witty and comedic without losing the sex appeal. Can't wait to see her, work with her, and book her again - an absolute delight!'   Dolly Tartan, curator of 'Dolly Presents: La Cheetah, Glasgow.

"The Twisted Crown did feature a couple of erudite moments. Bettina Spankenhaus fights the fondling advances of the Phantom of the Opera in an elegant puppet act, beautifully choreographed to All I Ask of You. " C.J Lazzarati. An excerpt from a review of the London Burlesque Week 2012
" I liked feeling goofy, turned on and freaked out at the same time, and if that’s not twisted, I don’t know what is! A sneaky peek into the sexy life of Christine and the Phantom, this ventriloquist burlesque was ridiculous, disconcerting and totally entertaining. There were so many things happening that were smart and naughty, but Bettina made it seem effortless, including a seemingly one handed strip; this lady was one of my favourites, for sure!"  -Ruby Jones' review of Twisted Crown, London Burlesque Festival 2012 for
" The finale of Bettina Spankenhaus’ Phantom of the Opera was breathtaking, original and heartfelt – not to mention hot. To come up with acts as original as these, genuinely takes some talent." Alternative Barnsley
"Were you the Phantom of the Opera Act? That were good, that." Manager of Barnsley Trades Club